Sunday, August 1

Chapter 6:

Me and My Other Self

Does it seem odd to you that I am an evil twin?
It’s true…
Either that, or he is the evil one...
I’m not entirely sure because
I haven’t met him yet.
I only heard about him from my mother
Who heard it from the girl at the postage place
Who knew me…
Or my evil twin
(Unless I’m the evil one).
She recognized the last name, and
Putting two and two together,
Came up with me: Josh…
Who had never met her.
My evil twin:
I wonder how evil he is?
Or is it he who is good?
Until I meet my twin,
I may never know.
Maybe he doesn’t exist?
Or is it I?
Maybe neither of us exist
Except in your imagination…
Or not.
Does it seem odd to me,
Having an evil twin –
Or being one?
It’s too soon to say, having only heard myself –
Third hand information –
That I even have an evil twin…Or am one.


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