Thursday, October 27

Chapter 34:

Bus Stop Serenade

[Dave standing near bus-stop – Jim walks up]
[Dave looks at watch]
Dave: Excuse me, when does the bus arrive?
Jim: That depends on which bus.
Dave: Oh. Right. Um... the bus to... fifth and main?
Jim: On the quarter of an hour.
Dave: Thanks.
Jim: But I wouldn’t go downtown if I were you.
Dave: Hmm?
Jim: You know who runs downtown, don’t you?
Dave: The city planning council?
Jim: You look familiar. Did I used to know you?
Dave: I doubt it. I’m not from here.
Jim: Oh? Where you from?
Dave: Morton valley.
Jim: No doping? Me too. Morton High class of ... something. Jim Billman.
Dave: Jim? We all thought you were dead! Dave Toller.
Jim: Dave, right. Dude. Long time. So, as your old friend, I'm warning you: don’t go downtown.
Dave: What’s downtown?
Jim: Don’t you know? Let me tell you.
Dave: Oh, I think I see the bus.
Jim: Pork rinds.
Dave: What?
Jim: Yep. They sell pork rinds. All of em. They are trying to cover their guilt with them, but I know the truth. I know their dirty little secrets down there at the court-house and city-hall. Oh yeah.
[Jim tries to get on the bus, but Dave grabs his arm]
Dave: My bus is here.
Jim: Do you know what they do with the rinds? Do you? They eat them. They eat the flesh of pigs. And you know what else?
Dave: The bus is leaving...
Jim: They buy them in little bags that say "Pork rinds" right on there, but they buy them and eat them anyhow. You can tell what they are thinking. Oh yes...
[Dave is getting mad. The bus leaves]
Dave: There it goes.
Jim: [wildly] They are trying to eat your soul man!
Dave: Let go of me!
Jim: Don’t you see it? First it is the skins, but what next? Meat. Then the intestines, then... then... Do you eat pork Dave?
Dave: [to himself while looking at the route map for the bus] If I walk over two blocks, I can catch the number four.
Jim: You know what pork is, don’t you? Pig meat. Then they grind up the bones and serve it to other animals because... [stops and looks around him] Wasn’t the bus supposed to be here by now?
Dave: Yeah, [exasperated] it came and left already.
Jim: [sarcastically] Well thanks a lot! You made me miss my bus! Now I have to walk the two blocks to fifth and main to catch the express.
[Jim storms off leaving Dave bewildered holding a route map]


At 10:56 PM, Anonymous Justin said...

Just felt like being totally random?

At 8:55 AM, Blogger Elwood said...

Actually it was a class writing assignment.

We had to write dialogues. I chose to write about a crazy guy.

At 10:20 PM, Anonymous Justin said...

Well, they say you should write what you know. :)


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