Tuesday, April 4

Chapter 43:

In Which We Read the Script For A New Film's Trailer

Man sitting down in a chair drinking a pint, glances out the window for a second with a curious look on his face, then turns back to room (off right) and says: "Hey ma, there's a gorilla in the potatoes."

Title in bold all caps "KING KONG" then sub-title "In Ireland"

Bunch of guys in a pub, new guy storlls in and order a pint. Man behind the counter asks, "What's the occasion CLancy, I h'ain't seen you round heres since the missus had yer third bairn."

Clancy leans against the counter, and leans in a bit towards the bartender. "I guess you wouldn't believe it, but there's a monkey in our yard."

Man sitting with two friends in corner turns around and asks "did you say monkey?"

Clancy turns to face him. "Aye, that I did. Was squashin' our potatoes."

Silence for a moment as each man thinks a bit. Second man at table replies, "I didn't think we had any of those in Ireland."

Third man at table: "Nay, up in... Dublin, t'the zoo. Got out and decided to roam round a bit, I would imagine."

Clancy walks over: "Aye, tha's wha me missus said, but why my potatoes? I din'a know monkeys liked potatoes."

Second man at table: "Me gran'da had a monkey for a while. Little tyke. Bout yea high." Motions a foot off table.

Clancy shaking his head: "This one's a sight larger lads."

First man: "Eh... how big do ya reccon then Clance?"

Clancy, tilting head back to think, scratching his head: "Oh... pretty big. Say, about... Forty or fifty meters."

Bartender wiping mug: "Aye, that's a biggun. And ye say he was in your potato patch?"

Clancy, taking a drink: "Aye"

Bartender: "I didn'a ken monkeys liked potatoes."

Clancy raises his mug knowingly towards the bartender.

Black screen -- words "Coming Soon to a theater near you."

Clancy and his wife sitting on a hillside looking into camera as if watching the ape. Clancy turns his head to address his wife: "That's a big monkey."

She keeps looking straight ahead and says: "Ape."

Clancy, turning head back: "Aye. An Ape. But a Big ape."

She nods.

Black screen -- words "This Film is Not Yet Rated."


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Aye - that one's a winner!


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