Saturday, October 21

Chapter 47

In Which We Read Letters from Josh’s Great-Grandfather to His Fiance (Josh’s Great-Grandmother), Ages 34 and 17 respectively
Letters from Marvin Ensign Root to Rienette Franklin

Excerpt from letter dated 11/5/1911

To my own little Rae, your the same every day
I know that I love you but the word I can’t say
Love is real and mine is Earnest
Love is but a truth sublime
But to say I love you I always
Wait until some other time

I am lonesome to-day without you
Maybe you are lonesome too
Don’t feel sad my little sweetheart
I’ll have no one but you
Before wee’r married Ill say, love
To my little Turtle dove

Letter dated 1/2/1912
Sunnyside Wa
Jan 2nd
My darling Girl
My Precious Kid don’t
decieve a true heart.
Give me the blow
now, let me know
The truth if you
don’t love me tell
me. You are so dif-
ferent lately. Just
try to be sort-but
seems like you are
about 1,000 miles
away. Now tell me
in writing or any
way soon as I

am going to leave
soon. If you really
love me I’ll not
go far and if you
have fooled me
all along which dont
seem possible I’ll
never look at this
town again. I expect
to go to Yakima to
have an operation for
my side if it dont
get well soon.
Don’t know what
it is. This might be
the last letter I’ll
ever write but
tell me soon and

I’ll try my hardest
to live for you and
make you happy some
swell day when you’ll
not find Hell on
your wedding day.
I was down to church
the text was Hell
fire and brimstone
that brings a pleasant
feeling over anyone –
I didn’t think
Now be a good little
girl and burn this
or hide it. Don’t
carry it by all means

This is a business
letter and to the
point so be sincere
when answering as
it may decide our
whole life.
This letter or note is
just for your own
little sweet heart so
good night till we
meet again.
From your true lover


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