Saturday, October 16

Chapter 14:

In Which Mother and Father Move Away From Home Leaving Their Youngest Child With A Case Of Empty Nest Syndrome

It's strange being the youngest son.
You are always "Mamma's littly boy," but still have to be a man at some point.
Take what happened to a friend of mine...

Josh was always very close to his parents, and lived with them most of his life. When he went away to college, he began to get better aquainted with his parents (as often happens with college students), and became friends with them as well. After he graduated, they had him live at their house, as they were away most of the time on a road-trip for their job, and needed someone to keep up the house in their absence.
However, a month later, Josh's parents got a job in another city, and, being as that city was 3 hours (200 miles) away, they needed to move.
Now this was a perdicament for their youngest son (now aged 26), who was all alone in the city, living at his parent's house with them and working two jobs to make ends meet, for, while he coulf see the benefit of his parents moving away, knew he would miss them (and the furniture) very much indeed.
Now, when his parents moved, they left him the house, and told him to pay half the rent and all the utilities (which was a great deal, being in a low-rent senior mobile-home park where his parents lived), but was very odd for Josh because now he was the youngest person in his neighborhood.
Josh now lives alone in this senior mobile-home park for a few reasons:
  1. He can not get a room-mate. Imagine trying to find a room-mate to live in a senior mobile home park: no partying, or playing their music loud, must be a good room-mate to live up to the reputation of those he roomed with at college (where he had three of the best room-mates a person could ask for).
  2. He can't get a pet. His parents are trying to sell the mobile home, so if he were to get a pet, he, when forced to move away, must find a place where the pet was allowed, or give away the pet. Besides, being left alone while the owner is at work 16 hours a day isn't good for a pet.

So there he remains, feeling very much like a single parent whose son or daughter has just married and left home.

Poor guy.

He should buy himself a tie. Ties always make me feel better aboput myself. Just the other day, in fact, I was feeling down in the dumps, so I went out and bought myself a whole bunch of new neck-ties from thrift stores (where you can get a tie for a buck), and ended up having a great day because of it (the fact that I had just that day gotten two paychecks, and had won a contest for a free trip to Hawaii, and a new car had nothing to do with it)!


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