Tuesday, November 30

Chapter 19:

In Which a Life is Examined in Scrutinizing Detail Until We Get Bored of Doing So.

As I was driving along today, I noticed that many of the drivers didn't have a clue what was going on, or, which is more likely the case, were trying to get out their aggression by driving like imbiciles.

Take, for example, one Toyota I saw today.
As I entered the freeway, both lanes were clear as day -- no cars driving at all -- except for one blue Toyota Sedan (please excuse my ignorance of car types). This Toyota was in the nearest lane, and was driving at a constant speed of 9,000 miles an hour.
As I entered the freeway, I could see the blue menace approaching rapidly, but, as I was not yet on the freeway proper, I was cautious about my entry... especially as the Toyota had no intention of moving to the clear lane.
The moment of crisis approached where, unless his car moved, slowed down, or (although not likely possible) sped up, we would collide.
I was forced to stop entirely, and, if not for the fact that there was none behind me, an accident would have been the only possibility.

What I wonder is this:
What was the driver thinking?

Could it be that, at reletively the speed of sound, he couldn't see my white minivan which was in clear view against the green foliage behind me; or was it that the driver thought he was not responsible for changing lanes because it was actually I who was pushing him out of his appropriated lane; or was it that he was blind, and had his guide-dog driving for him; or was it that he was angry with the world, and just didn't care?

We may never know.
What a pity.


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